2024 Challies Reading Challenge

Books to Read

 Books that are finished have the title struck through and a link to the review in the challenge.

  • book about a current issue (Hillbilly Effigy)
  • a book that has 100 pages or less (Write to be Read, Speak to be Heard)
  • biography (A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23)
  • a book on church history
  • a classic novel (Paradise Lost)
  • a book by a puritan (Life of God in the Soul of Man)
  • a book about history (Freedom's Detective)
  • by or about a missionary
  • a book targeting your gender (Covered and Uncovered)
  • a Book on Christian Living (Rejoice and Tremble)
  • a book about theology (What Happens When We Worship)
  • a commentary on a book of the Bible
  • a book that has at least 400 pages (Atlas Shrugged)
  • a book about the reformation
  • a book your pastor recommends (Pilgrim's Progress)
  • a book on Christian Living (Evangelical Pharisees)
  • a theology book
  • a book published more than 100 years ago
  • a book recommended by a family member
  • a book published in 2024
  • a book with a great cover
  • a book for children or teens
  • Your choice (Project Hail Mary)

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