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GOAL:  Ride a "Century" by the end of the cycling season  - perhaps "Apple Cider Century" or "Middle of the Mitten", both in October

I most likely will not be riding outdoors until March or April (I don't have a snow-ready bike), so some of this will be indoors.

Objective: Ride 50 flat miles by May 1 and 50 hill miles by June 1.

At home (winter work)

  1. Watch one movie each week while riding a stationary bike
  2. Three times each week, listen to 20 minutes podcast while "sprinting" on stationary bike
  3. Strengthen "core muscles" using Pilates

As soon as roads are clear and dry:

  1. Get out on Musketawa Trail (flat work)
  2. After 50 miles on Musketawa Trail, begin with 20 miles of "hill work"  (route on Mapmyride and including Grand River Ave and Five Mile Road.)
  3. Beginning May 1 (because of sunrise times) ride to work 3 days per week.

GOAL: Ride my bike to my parents' house (180 miles) by July 4.

That should fit in with the rest of the bike work.

Financial piece:

  1. need panniers and trunk bag

Notes:  for riding to Mom and Dad's house, a good idea might be to either have a "volunteer" ride with me, or have Tom drive ahead and "camp" at a hotel.  I'd like to do the ride in 3 or 4 days.

I'm on my way out the door for my Tour de Cure ride.

There have been thunderstorms all night, although it's not raining right now.  In Middleville (where I"m going) there's a 50% chance of thunderstorms during the ride.

It's an hour away from here and I'm stopping for Biggby (quad mocha and chocolate chip scone).  I'm not sure if they'll call the event for weather or not - I hope not, but if weather threatens I don't have weather gear.

  • iPod (for the drive
  • sunglasses
  • tire pump
  • extra tube
  • shot bloks
  • GPS (for the drive)
  • water bottles
  • bike shoes and socks
  • I'm wearing my glasses for the drive so I have my contact case in my bike bag
  • inhaler and epi-pen (I always have one in my "trunk bag")

and away I go

Moving my bike cleats back just 1/2" requires a whole different movement to click out (un-attach my shoes from my pedals when I stop so that I don't tip over). Photos of the subsequent bruise can be available upon request.)

Riding with a migraine = bad idea.

If you have a bruise from tipping over with your feet attached to you pedals
you have a migraine
you're a bit sick to your stomach from the headache...

You see lightning ahead

YES...it is okay if you turn around and go back after just 4 miles.

A nice bike ride last Saturday and a couple of good walks since.  The weather has not been cooperating.

I've signed up for a Tour de Cure ride on June 20 - it's a 40  mile ride so I've got to get out and train.  I got as far as the trail head this morning, but high winds and  the sound of thunder got me back into the car.

I will go out and walk Meijer Garden this afternoon (where I can get indoors fairly quickly if it pours on me) unless it's pouring already.

I've got two "challenges" going on mapmyride.com  The first is 300 miles on the bike in 30 days, the other is walking a marathon (26 miles) in 30 days.  I most likely will do one or the other, but not both - or maybe both.  As the weather gets nice, our class walks more - that gives me the walking at work, with cycling after.


It is said:  "There are two kinds of cyclists.  Those who have fallen and those who have not fallen...yet."

Today I joined the ranks of those who have fallen.  My elbow is messed up and I just noticed the bruise and scrape on my shoulder.  There is also a scrape and bruise on my knee (all on the left side).

My bike:  the handlebars are twisted a little bit.  In the fall the chain came off and that's the bright side!

I am getting more mechanically independent.  I put the thing back on by myself.

I am very glad that nobody was around to see me.  Especially the part where I got my shoe lace wrapped around the brake lever and was laying face down on the bridge, not able to get loose from my bike...

Miles logged...37.


I rode 50 miles (plus a few feet) yesterday and 21.1 today.

This morning I didn't feel sore at all, but after the 21 miles my legs are a little weak...but it's my upper arms that are like rubber.

I have serious bike lust.

This is a very feminine bike...flowers and all.  Women's "geometry"- shorter crank arms, different saddle, greater "seat to peddle"vs. "seat to handlebar" ratio.  Road tires, beautiful bike...and it could be in my future.

How so?  It's a reward.  What do I have to do?  Ride from my house to Big Rapids, MI (+/- 54 miles) and back as far as Riverside Park (so I don't have to climb the rather large hill at the end of a 100 mile+ ride.)

My goal?  On or before the first weekend of November.