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I used to have a "form" but I've had several people tell me that my email either bounces or I just don't get it (so I don't answer).

If you contact me and I don't reply within a day or two, please leave a comment on the top post, I know I'm notified of new comments. Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. John King

    Hi Ellen: I just found your site while looking for definitions for compatibilsm, libertarian free will, etc. Thanks for the explanations. How is it you know and understand these things?
    I also appreciate your references to the Great State of Michigan where my wife and I grew up. There's no place like Michigan.

  2. Pam

    Hello Ellen,
    I came across your comments on another site (Spiritual healing in the midst of...on challies (dot)com. I was very drawn to your comments and would like to say thank you. I would like to email you, and I pray you will receive it. I will email you a little about my issue and look forward to hearing from you. Bless you dear sister and may the Lord be continually your first and most love of your life........

  3. Brad

    I was just glancing at your compatibilism vs. libertarian free will article. You say: "how can God send a prophet with a prediction of a future, unless that God can influence His creation to bring about that future?"

    You have probably already thought of this, but between natural knowledge, middle knowledge (if you believe in middle knowledge), and free knowledge, God would know every possibility and his free knowledge would include the truths of what will happen (and that logically posterior to divine creative decree). This would make it possible for God, without intervention, to relate His divine foreknowledge. And the relation of that knowledge wouldn't be any form of causal constraint on the will of the prophet, so his actions would remain free.

  4. Fred Drury

    have you ever considered that the verse used to say " all do not speak in tongues" is referring to the gift of tounques that must be interpreted in the gathering of believers rather that the promise of Acts 2 from joel 2 was for all believers. The Gentile believers who received the Holy Spirit just as we have "for we heard them speak in tongues" note that no one felt the need to interpret what was said because they couldn't because their sprits were speaking to God. In another teaching, some churches teach that nobody should be speaking in tongues because of the verse that says "tongues shall cease" ignoring the rest of the verse that says Knowledge shall vanish away. Fred

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