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The Road Less Traveled:

This photo was taken "way up north" - north of Marquette, the first trip I took as an "NMU Mom."

Tom was at orientation for 2 days and I was up there just hanging out. I took the "waterfalls" map and my GPS and took off. That's the day I learned that my GPS unit took the short way. Even when the short way was a 2 (or one) track "truck trail" - a sort of path for logging trucks.

I turned back when the "bridge" across a creek was a set of 2x4's in the water. I turned around in a clearing/meadow and went back to the road in the photo. It was really foggy!

Apply to real life:

When the road ahead is foggy and unclear...

this is not the time for a short cut! (note: I followed the dirt road a little while more, found pavement and entered the GPS coordinates again. I found a delightful little waterfall, just as the sky cleared and the sun came out!

When you stay the course, you might just end up in the right place!

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