Daily Archives: July 7, 2005


I grew up in an Arminian church, in an Arminian family, in a largely Arminian town. When I "grew up", I married the son of an Arminian preacher and when my sister "grew up" she married an Arminian preacher.

So, the reaction to my conversion to Calvinism was underwhelming. Nobody criticized me, but nobody encouraged me.

Because I live in an area where Calvinist and Arminians work together on many things, when I wrote of my beliefs on-line, the animosity astounded me - on both sides.

When my friend Phil challenged me to take a good look at Calvinism, it took me a year to decide it was time to change churches and longer to choose which reformed denomination. After that, God led me to the “right” church fairly quickly.

I find a great freedom in just saying that God gets to pick – and there’s a lot I don’t know and there’s a lot I don’t have to know!

I'm listening to the radio as I write, thinking about all of this and there are a lot of things that run through my mind.

Remembering where I was when I heard about the World Trade Center and remembering all that happened after that.

Praying for all those who were killed and injured and their families and friends.

Wondering if Parliament will get protective and proactive.

Will the world look to us for leadership? Or blame us?

Who will be the next target, and how will they handle it?

May God be with us all...