Monthly Archives: September 2005


Well I’m excited, my mom told my I could get my eyebrow pierced and we’re going in to do that today. I also started home schooling today. I was working on history and it took me 15 minutes to read 4 pages in that book … its so much information so its good but the book is really, really boring so I took a break for a while so started reading the book Radical Reformission (again). I didn’t start on chapter one though I started on chapter6 I hadn’t even gotten there last time I read the book but I was just flipping through the pages and started reading lol … so I have to write a paragraph on what I learned in there and my thoughts … I did my devotional already and I need to finish reading that history soon lol. And then I have to call Jeff (The youth leader at my church) he’s a cool guy, I can’t wait to starting getting back to church there and I’m going to be making a monthly newsletter with I group of people I don’t know and I don’t know who yet so I have to talk to Jeff about that as well … so I guess I should get back to work … oh and for the tattoo i want to get i think im going to model it after the flower at the top .... i hope people dont mind all the pisctures i like to add on to posts lol.