I join the ranks of the fallen…

It is said:  "There are two kinds of cyclists.  Those who have fallen and those who have not fallen...yet."

Today I joined the ranks of those who have fallen.  My elbow is messed up and I just noticed the bruise and scrape on my shoulder.  There is also a scrape and bruise on my knee (all on the left side).

My bike:  the handlebars are twisted a little bit.  In the fall the chain came off and that's the bright side!

I am getting more mechanically independent.  I put the thing back on by myself.

I am very glad that nobody was around to see me.  Especially the part where I got my shoe lace wrapped around the brake lever and was laying face down on the bridge, not able to get loose from my bike...

Miles logged...37.

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3 thoughts on “I join the ranks of the fallen…

  1. Reading of your fall reminded me of my own worst fall: I was running fartlek which is a speed-up, slow-down type of workout and on a speed-up interval, I fell and twisted both ankles bad. I was five rural miles from home in the days before cell phones but, no matter as I lived alone anyway.

    Once I got to a main road, I would have accepted any ride from anybody but no one even saw that I was struggling. My ankles swelled so much I couldn't walk the rest of the weekend but I forced myself into high heels for work on Monday.

    I still have trouble with my ankles to this day, 'though I was able to get back to running.

    So, I hope you can get your bike repaired reasonably well, mend your body and keep going. 🙂

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