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There is a reason that so many people are reading "The Shack" as if it were a non-fiction book.

The reason?  It's written as if it's a non-fiction book.

Some quotes and comments from and about the Forward.

The forward of a book is usually by someone other than the author and I believe is meant to tell the reader the purpose of the book.

I have known Mack for a bit more than twenty years, since the day we both showed up at a neighbor's house to help him bale a field of hay...

Mack was born in the Midwest, a farm-boy...

In a world of talkder, Mack is a thinker and a doer...

Although he communicates well enough verbally, Mack is not comfortable with his writing skills - something he knows I am passionate about.  So he asked if I would ghost-write this story -- his story...

What you are about to read is something that Mack and I have struggled with for many months to put into words...

Whether some parts of it are actually true or not, I won't be the judge...

Memory can be a tricky companion at times...

I would not be too suprised, in spite of our concerted effort toward accuracy, if some factual errors and faulty remembrances are reflected in these pages.  They are not intentional.

I can promise you that the conversations and events are recorded as truthfully as Mack can remember them, so please try and cut him a little slack...

The forward is signed "Willie"

In short...the reason that so many people are treating this book as if it is non-fiction is that the author presents it in the forward as NON-FICTION.

In the forward (which tells the purpose of the book) we are introduced to the person who lived this story, Mack.  We are told his family history, we are told that the author was asked by Mack to ghost-write the book.  We are further told that the book is recorded as accurate.

Is this the forward of a book that the author wants to be read as "fiction"?

series of my posts on "The Shack"

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5 thoughts on ““The Shack”- Forward

  1. Look at how "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" begins ... or "Pilgrim's Progress," for that matter.

    Folks is so credulous these days.

  2. Post author

    From Pilgrim's Progress:

    Art thou for something rare and profitable?
    Or would’st thou see a truth within a fable?

    Art thou forgetful? Wouldest thou remember
    From New-Year’s day to the last of December?
    Then read my fancies; they will stick like burs,

    And may be, to the helpless, comforters.
    This book is writ in such a dialect
    As may the minds of listless men affect:
    It seems a novelty, and yet contains

    Nothing but sound and honest gospel strains.

  3. I was reading about this book the other day and the people discussing it were absolutely certain that it is a non-fiction book. I don't really know as I've never read it and until then hadn't heard of it but it's interesting that a person can so easily steer people in one direction, even if it's wrong.

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