Palin appoints former Planned Parenthood board member to Supreme Court


What were Sarah Palin's choice?  What was the situation?

Read here from Peter Andrew (HT: Hot Air) from

The problem is the two choices she has to pick from are justices who don't align with her conservative views.

Alaska's judges are selected using the Missouri Plan, which combines election and appointment in choosing the judge. The Alaska Judicial Council selects the nominees from which the governor can then make an appointment. As one conservative Web site explained, "she's boxed in tighter than Florida Gov. Charlie Crist."

A total of six judges applied, but only two were elected by the Judicial Council, Eric Smith, considered very liberal, and Morgan Christen, who is viewed as more of a moderate. Christen and Smith were rated with scores of 4.3 and 4.5 out of a 5 point scale used to elect judges by the council.

Out of two choices, she chose the one she felt would make the best judge.

My advice would be to make political hay:  Palin would force her "radical" beliefs on the country by appointing only the most conservative judges!!!

Really...because Morgan Christen is soooo conservative....

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