Palin’s Palm

OMG - an analog teleprompter

Umm...if this is all the PDS crowd has to complain about - funny.

I'm reading about how scary it is that Sarah Palin cannot remember her "core issues" without writing them on the palm of her hand.

It apparently hasn't occurred to any of of them that it might not have been the words she was noting, it might have been the order she wanted to address them in.

I know that when I've given speeches or talks, I can't do it without pages of notes.  This was a 45 minute speech done without dual teleprompters.

And they're making a fuss about 7 words written on a hand?

Palin must be scaring the pants off of somebody.

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One thought on “Palin’s Palm

  1. Yes, she scares me but not in a good way.

    I think the criticism is because she criticized Obama for using dual teleprompters. So, to avoid being a hypocrite, she has resorted to writing on her hand. The people I know who write on their hands aren't the most altogether people.

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