Katherine von Bora

I'm reading "50 People Every Christian Should Know" by Warren Wiersbe.  The first person is Katherine von Bora - Martin Luther's wife.

She had the "supporting role," yet was a leader as well.  She ran the household and the pet names that Luther had for her reflected that.

If it were not for her support, including the welcoming table that she prepared, Luther's "Table Talk" might not have been written...it was around her table that those talks took place.

Reading this short history, I was encouraged...someday, perhaps...I'll have such a supporting role.

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One thought on “Katherine von Bora

  1. Kim Williams

    I am currently reading the same book. I was also encouraged by Katherine von Bora. Her strength and the love for her own role. She will be an encouragement to me in this upcoming year.
    Many Blessings,

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