In Which I Show Off My Student’s Artwork – Africa

We don't think our art teacher is letting our students work up to their potential.  So my lead teacher (Louise) said, "Ellen...go.  Teach art."  So I am.

We're going around the globe with art, starting in Africa.

1) we read the story of Anansi the Spider - and African folk tale.

2) then we read Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters - and African version of the Cinderella Story.

3) then we read about adrinka cloth

4) then we MADE adrinka cloth - but instead of using wooden stamps, we used fruit and vegetables.

  1. cut plain, colored fabric into the size you want - some of us made wall hangings and some of us made over-size pot holders
  2. choose firm fruits and vegetables to use as stamps - we used carrots, broccoli, lemons and apples.
  3. choose 2 or three bright colors of fabric paint and put a little bit in plastic bowls (I save the plastic tubs from frozen lunches)
  4. put the fabric on a piece of construction paper (to blot the vegetables before you stamp the fabric)
  5. Have fun making patterns on the fabric.


The finishing is easy - just sew a pocket along the top and glue ribbon along the sides.  Put a dowel through it and hang it up.

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