Asking God

I'm afraid to ask God to do whatever it takes to bring a loved one close to Him - bad things happen...but it works.

Is it wrong to ask that God bring my loved ones close to Him, but still do everything I can to keep bad things from happening?

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3 thoughts on “Asking God

  1. Not generally, though it depends on what you are trying to stop. In general we (humans) seek to reverse the effects of the Fall.

    God is allowed to do things we are not.

  2. Moonshadow

    I've prayed that way and then when I see the world crumbling around us, I'm like "hey, what happened?" and then I remember how I prayed. It's an easy enough prayer to utter but it's a hard one to ride out.

    I think you just have to try to react with some humility or awareness that God is at work and you don't want to step on his toes, so to speak. Then again, he's always at work, isn't he? We just see his activity more clearly when we've prayed for/about it.


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