lunes linkage – 9/5/2011

How to Destroy a Culture in 5 Easy Steps

This seems to work in both politics and religion...


On the "dominionism" paranoia (or worse)

from patheos...

Schaeffer condemned theocracy and found civil disobedience frightening?  OMG, that's crazy!!  Lizza and Knight need to realize that they are the ones on the crazy train, not Michele Bachmann.  It certainly is crazy what drinking that liberal Kool-aid does to the human mind.


Another dual category - history and religion (but I haven't read this article yet)

Four Myths About the Crusades


Do you think liberals will EVER care about "fast and furious"?


Screw Up, Then Cover Up...

and more...


A new word:  theophobe.


heh...WaPo (via NeoNeocon)

The Internal Revenue Service allowed undocumented workers to collect $4.2 billion in refundable tax credits last year, a new audit says, almost quadruple the sum five years ago.

From NeoNeocon

I suggest the following new and evolving nomenclature to further the cause (we already know about the one that goes “white conservatives: racists”):

thieves: undocumented owners

prisoners: unpardoned innocents

rapists: unsanctioned sex partners

embezzlers: unpaid workers

prostitutes: unmarried wives

terrorists: un-uniformed soldiers

I’m sure there are others you can add to the list.


No prayers at ground zero.




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4 thoughts on “lunes linkage – 9/5/2011

  1. Mz Ellen, just to let you know when I open you blog from home my antivirus states it is blocking a virus attempt. And at work my browser crashes. Not certain if there is some malware there or not, but thought you may wish to know this.


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  3. Post author

    Thanks - A friend thinks he knows what the problem is, but hasn't had time to look into it. I upgraded (or "reloaded") wordpress. If that doesn't take care of it, it will take more legwork and that I don't know how to do.

    I suspect a widget, but I don't know which ones...and I like my widgets.

  4. Moonshadow

    I read Myth 1 on the Crusades article.

    Are these myths Islamic ones, that is, beliefs held by Muslims about the crusades?

    I am aware that Eastern Orthodox Christians ("Byzantines" in the article) haven't a favorable opinion of the Crusades, especially when Constantinople was sacked in 1204 (Orthodox Wiki).

    From the article: "Desperate, the Byzantines sent appeals for help westward, directing these appeals primarily at the person they saw as the chief western authority: the pope, who, as we have seen, had already been directing Christian resistance to Muslim attacks. In the early 1070s, the pope was Gregory VII, and he immediately began plans to lead an expedition to the Byzantines’ aid. He became enmeshed in conflict with the German emperors, however (what historians call “the Investiture Controversy”), and was ultimately unable to offer meaningful help. Still, the Byzantines persisted in their appeals, and finally, in 1095, Pope Urban II realized Gregory VII’s desire, in what turned into the First Crusade. Whether a crusade was what either Urban or the Byzantines had in mind is a matter of some controversy."

    Interesting, though. I wish I knew more about the details.

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