When Faith and Politics Collide – Rick Perry on Abortion

INDIANOLA, Iowa – Texas Gov. Rick Perry clarified his newly transformed position on abortion today, stating that the life of the mother is the only exception in which he’d support abortion.

He's being criticized by liberal bloggers for this "flip flop" - but if any of us are so set in our ways that we cannot shift our views after an interaction with another person who can make a good case for changing...well, ask if the same liberal blogger would have called it a "flip flop" if the flip and flopped in the pro-abortion direction?

I'm going to use words that I have used.

The circumstances of a person's conception does not dictate the worth of their humanity.

Even so, for the woman who finds herself in that circumstance, I can see why she would consider abortion a viable alternative to life.  Personal conviction may not need to dictate public policy.  Sometimes it does, but in the case of rape and/or incest...EGR.


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2 thoughts on “When Faith and Politics Collide – Rick Perry on Abortion

  1. I agree with you except that I have been very blessed to know a young lady who is a blessing from God after her birth mother was raped. We forget about those wonderful people who want those babies. I wish that we pushed harder for adoptions instead of abortions.

  2. Post author

    Oh - I would strongly counsel a young woman to give birth. But I think that we also have to recognize that there are those who just are not able to mentally or emotionally cope.

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