The Elephant Room

I'd like to be at one of them...

Here's the website.

T.D.Jakes drummed up a little extra controversy at the January 25th setting.

First, there was what was said (his history of modalism and current - possibly Trinitarian - beliefs)

Jakes: I believe the latter one is where I stand today. One God – Three Persons. I am not crazy about the word persons though. You describe “manifestations” as modalist, but I describe it as Pauline. For God was manifest in the flesh. Paul is not a modalist, but he doesn’t think it’s robbery to say manifest in the flesh....We need to humble both sides and say, “We are trying to describe a God we love.” Why should I fall out and hate and throw names at you when it’s through a glass darkly? None of our books on the Godhead will be on sale in heaven.

And there was what was NOT said (prosperity gospel)

The Elephant Room isn't perfect, and there are a few folks who will point out everything that Driscoll does wrong.

I believe that many of the Oneness folks also preach "health and wealth" - they go hand in hand.  I haven't watched the whole Elephant Room video, but people seem to be unhappy that "health and wealth" wasn't addressed more.

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3 thoughts on “The Elephant Room

  1. Moonshadow

    Without watching the video or knowing of the controversy apart from reading this post, including T. D. Jakes's quote, I'd say Jakes might rather exchange "manifestations" for "immanence." (Wiki) And if Jakes doesn't care for "persons," well, Orthodoxy refers to divine "energies."

  2. Post author

    I know - if Jakes articulates the Trinity, even if not in those terms, that's not Oneness. And it seems as though he is.

    I'm not sure if the controversy is Jakes, so much as Driscoll being wrong, even if they have to strain at gnats.

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