Daily Archives: December 1, 2012


I was at a work site the other day and picked up a leaflet with the title "(Way More Than) 100 Things Every Religious Liberal Should Know"

My first thought was: Why is this church trying to limit the audience? Okay, maybe I read more into that than I need to...but then, the next paragraph

(A list of terms and ideas that every religious liberal should know, to be religiously literate.)

So they iterated twice, that the list is for religious liberals (a discussion for another day)

I'm a long way from liberal, but I'm pretty religiously literate. There are nearly 200 terms on this list and I'm at least passingly familiar with many, if not most of them.

Since (every/this) New Year brings (another) commitment to blog on a regular basis, I'm uploading the list now, with the intent of exploring/blogging about them later

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