It Is Mine

I am writing out my testimony, from the earliest years I can remember. I think this was my favorite song in the hymnal...not because I truly understood the theology, but because it was FAST. And there was an underlying line of even faster music in the refrain. Every time we had "special request" evening in the service, this would come up. I even remember that "It Is Mine" was hymn #309...that's how abiding the memory is.

Then, I was Baptist, but I really don't know which "flavor." Now, I'm happily Reformed, and I think I still love this song.

1 God’s abiding peace is in my soul today,
Yes, I feel it now, yes, I feel it now;
He has taken all my doubts and fears away,
Though I cannot tell you how.

It is mine, mine, blessed be His Name!
He has given peace, perfect peace to me;
It is mine, mine, blessed be His Name!
Mine for all eternity!

2 He has wrought in me a sweet and perfect rest,
In my raptured heart I can feel it now;
He each passing moment keeps me saved and blest,
Floods with light my heart and brow. [Refrain]

3 He has given me a never failing joy,
Oh, I have it now! oh, I have it now!
To His praise I will my ransomed pow’rs employ,
And renew my grateful vow. [Refrain]

4 Oh, the love of God is comforting my soul,
For His love is mine, yes, His love is mine!
Waves of joy and gladness o’er my spirit roll,
Thrilling me with life divine. [Refrain]

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