Polygamy, part…2

Within a few days, SCOTUS will be delivering decisions on same sex "marriage."

That means that, as Tim Challies said:

once marriage has been redefined away from the union of one man to one woman, it seems almost impossible not to see it also expand to include polygamous relationships

1. Given that Scripture never "moves the definition of marriage" away from polygamy

    Bathsheba was David's WIFE


    Rachel was Jacob's WIFE


    Gideon had many WIVES


    Jehovah had Israel and Judah

2. Given that (as I pointed out a couple of days ago) we must not call "sin" that which God does not call "sin"

3. Given that "where there is no law, there is no sin."

...Christians should NOT be lumping polygamy in with same sex "marriage."

One is called "marriage" and the other is called "abomination."

This is purely from a Biblical view, not touching (yet) politics in today's world.

Does this mean that I think Christian evangelicals should embrace and practice polygamy? No, but I think that if a converted Mormon or Muslim shows up in our churches with plural wives, we should accept their marriages.

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