Modalism – the “mom analogy” melts faster than the “ice cube”

I put a tag on this of "Pentecostal" since "Oneness" nearly always belongs to Pentecostal these day.

"You're a mom, but you're also a daughter...these are different roles you play at different times, depending on the circumstance.

It breaks down:

1) the Father is Jesus' Father. If Jesus and His Father are the same person, I am my own mother. I am not my mother.

2) Jesus is the Son if God. I also am not my own daughter.

Where "mom" is the same person, relating to different people...

The Trinity is different persons relating to the same creation.

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2 thoughts on “Modalism – the “mom analogy” melts faster than the “ice cube”

  1. Except, the Trinity are the Trinity before they created anything. They relate to each other and bring creation into communion with themselves.

  2. Thanks for commenting. When I said that the Trinity relates to creation, I meant the world...including us.

    An ice cube is H2O, regardless of state. The Father is not the Son, is not the Spirit.

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