Sh’ma (100 things)


Enlarged Ayin and Dalet

Parts of the Sh'ma are written on a small scroll which is then rolled up and put inside a mezuzah; when the Bible said to put the Law on their doorposts, they did.  A Mezuzah is a piece of parchment, often in a decorative container, that hangs on a doorpost.  It is a constant reminder of their identity.

Hear O Israel

Pay attention, people!  Witness!  Bear witness to the sovereignty of God.

The Lord Our God, the Lord is One

But...this is more than a declaration of monotheism.  The Trinity is in there!

There is a word for "singular" - and the word here is not that.


  • The two shall become ONE flesh
  • All the parts of the tabernacle would become a SINGLE WHOLE (Ex. 26:6)
  • Two sticks become ONE is the hand of God (Eze. 37:19)

"The Lord is ONE" - three entities that are inseparable in purpose and unity, joined together in One LORD - the Trinity.

More than 100 things every religious liberal should know

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One thought on “Sh’ma (100 things)

  1. I've been thinking I ought to learn the shema in Hebrew.

    The young man next to me on the plane to Israel last month studied his Talmud and prayed his psalms (Tehillim) from the oversized Schottenstein edition. He countered the criticism of others for not carrying the pocket edition with the explanation that these large books belonged to his father.

    In last week's bible study, the leader asserted that Jews and Christians worship the same God but, in fact, Christians worship God in Trinity, with the Incarnation a major component.

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