Fit Friday – what do I owe God?

It's interesting how my mind goes about "weight loss" and fitness.

If my goal is weight loss, it becomes about what my body owes me.  If I do the right things, eat the right things, my body owes me weight loss.

But there's a problem with that thinking (with me, anyway) when I also deal with hidden thyroid problems, PCOS, insulin resistance.  My body is not for me, it's against me in this goal.

There's a subtle change in my eating and exercise habits when my thoughts shift from what my body owes me (which leads to frustration = temptation => consumption) to what I owe God with my body.

When eating and exercising right becomes about worshiping Christ with the body that He purchased on the cross,  it becomes a positive act of worship, rather than an act of deprivation or hardship.

Next week I'm heading to California, where I'll have the opportunity to hike in one of my favorite places.  As I hike, for the first time in a while, it will be in my mind that taking care of  my health is my reasonable act of worship.

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2 thoughts on “Fit Friday – what do I owe God?

  1. Perhaps, but remember, God is much more concerned with what comes out of the body than what goes into it. So gluttony and apathy come from inside the body, but the actual food going in, less of an issue.

  2. Post author are right...but if is idolatry that makes me put something in my mouth, then it's a matter of the heart as well.

    Also, if gluttony and apathy come from within, so does worship...thus this post. 😉

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