Monthly Archives: January 2023

These are all books, sermons and shopping sites that I found helpful while figuring this all out.

The Very Best Starting Place


  • Head Covering: A Forgotten Christian Practice for Modern Times
    • This is the first book you should read; it goes through the Scripture line by line, but misses an important piece (I think)
  • Because of the Angels: First Corinthians Eleven and Head Coverings in Divine Worship
    • The first book caught my brain, the second caught my heart. A note of caution, the author is Episcopal and that shows, but what he writes is good.


  • Garlands of Grace
    • Far and away the best (so far) - one caution, if you're shopping by color, the website isn't all that accurate and the colors tend to be richer than shown, so if you're looking for brighter colors, it could be an issue.
  • Headbands of Hope
    • for wide headbands, these are very wide (like 18"). I cut them in half and they still covered what I wanted covered.


  • Michael Barrett has a number of sermons that made an impact (I'm looking for a specific one and can't find it right now)