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Man injured after run-in with a bear.


Tim Egan, 53, was riding on Old Stage Road Tuesday afternoon when suddenly a bear appeared in front of him. Egan hit the bear and ended up skidding across the road.

"This bear looked at me with a look of terror on his face and sort of made a noise," said Egan. "I looked at him with a look of terror and we went, 'aaaahhhhh.'"



Jail visits lead to more time locked up

AUGUSTA -- As soon as an inmate from Vassalboro had a visitor at the Kennebec County jail in Augusta, he was violating a court order.

Marshall Crandall IV, of Vassalboro, was sentenced to serve nine months in jail Tuesday at a Kennebec County Superior Court hearing after he pleaded guilty to three counts of violating conditions of release for having contact with the visitor...the same woman who visited him at the jail.

The violations occurred April 5, 10 and 15, when the woman named as the assault victim visited Crandall, according to jail records.

The woman told the judge on Tuesday the domestic assault was mutual, and that she could have been charged with the same offense in the incident.

"I picked him up three or four times and slammed him on the ground," she said.



On my first bike ride in a long, long while.

(Thanks to my son, Tom.  Who adjusted my seat, put on my odemeter - with bad instructions and we're still not sure it works right.  Who went with me to buy bikes for his sister and me - and took the wheels off so that they would both fit in
I'm anticipating not going for long, or very fast.  I'm just going.


My seat was about 3" too low (made me feel like I was riding a little kid's bike) and I decided to not take another bike ride until I have a padded seat.  Which a quick trip to Walmart fixed.

Hills were harder than I remember - which might be because the seat was too low.  Thanks again to Tom who is adjusting the seat.

Anyway...I rode for 23 minutes.