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Some ways to critique a sermon:

- How many times is Jesus mentioned?

- is Jesus the subject of the verbs? (Is Jesus the one doing the actions?)

- What are the verbs?  Are they the verbs of today's pop psychology or are they the verbs of Scripture?

- What was the problem that the preacher diagnosed.  What remedy did he give?

Dr. Lawrence White on an old "Issues Etc." (8/13/09)

We are not called to do something that Scripture commands us to do based on whether or not we think it's going to be successful - we're supposed to do it because we're told to do it!

We're not called to be effective, we're called to be faithful...do what we're told and GOD will be effective.

Interesting thoughts.

Playing the Pharisee Card

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(I've cut and pasted the article under the fold - because I think that they'll rotate the article off the page eventually and I want to keep this one around...

Why?  I love anything and everything that keeps me pointed to Christ and His finished work on the cross.  When I am centered there, when Christ is on the cross, there is no room for my works, my righteousness, my goodness (or lack thereof)

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