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Indeed. My computer is running slow (not sure if it's the router or the computer; I'm going to take it to an internet cafe later and see if it runs slowly there).

I'm late on the post, I'm late on the Carnival, I'm late on homework and studying. Go figure.

The beauty of patience is that God seems to give us lots of opportunities to practice! And when we fall with lack of patience, He seem to give us the perfect opportunity to repent!

My class has a young woman in a wheel chair (CP). I was trying to get her ready to swim (admittedly she was being lazy more so than incapable because I know what she's capable of). After finally getting her suit on, she looked up at me and said, "Am I too much trouble for you?"...oh...melting heart...

I think that (as a rule), the more opportunities I have to be patient (read, the more trying life is), the better I get at patience.

(Another life lesson)

More and more professors are using the internet for classes - my Spanish professor posts grade, study guides and assignments on "blackboard". In my other classes, when I take a test, I know that when I go into the class next week I'll find out what my grade was. In Spanish, handed in an assignment on Thursday afternoon and here I am on Saturday morning, tapping my foot, 'why isn't my grade up yet!?!?!" In any other class, I'd be happily waiting until the next week. But the internet is instant and I'm impatiently waiting for my professor to be instant also.

Once I "got this", it's a lot easier to wait.

Patience is a fruit...waiting for fruit takes patience. If you try to force it (fruit) you end up with a mess. Think of the last time you bit into an apple that hadn't had time to ripen.

This is sort of a catch-22. If you want patience, then you have to be patient. A long time ago I had a kid's tape (it's not even available on iTunes now). Rappin Rabbit's Christian Habits.

"I have waited long enough...give me some of that patience stuff!"

god bless!