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I watched the final episode of "Lost" last night.  I've watched every episode, beginning to end.  This one was hard - not only because a series that I've enjoyed ALL of it is over...but also the hodgepodge of emotions that I felt as I watched this final segment.

The struggle of "good" against "evil" (although both of the characters representing these things were a mixture of good and evil) was only a minor part (at least for me.)

In the struggle against "evil", the characters marched forward, feeling obligation, but also seemed to have a feeling of inevitability - this was their calling and they were going to fill it.

Throughout this episode (the hardest part for me) was the memories and reunions.  The "back and forth" from the island to "real life" - which was real?

Where somebody died on the island...they were reunited with their lover.

Where somebody left, they were returned to the arms of the one they loved.

Somebody forgotten...remembered.

In the end...all were brought back to where they were supposed to be.  It was all an illusion.  "Everybody dies."