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I rode 50 miles (plus a few feet) yesterday and 21.1 today.

This morning I didn't feel sore at all, but after the 21 miles my legs are a little weak...but it's my upper arms that are like rubber.

I have serious bike lust.

This is a very feminine bike...flowers and all.  Women's "geometry"- shorter crank arms, different saddle, greater "seat to peddle"vs. "seat to handlebar" ratio.  Road tires, beautiful bike...and it could be in my future.

How so?  It's a reward.  What do I have to do?  Ride from my house to Big Rapids, MI (+/- 54 miles) and back as far as Riverside Park (so I don't have to climb the rather large hill at the end of a 100 mile+ ride.)

My goal?  On or before the first weekend of November.