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I have a MeWe profile for a couple of reasons

1. I watched "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix

The program goes through the advertising model of Facebook and social media platforms - how they track you, how they target you, how they use and sell your personal information.

The phrase that keeps coming back is: If you're not buying the product, you *ARE* the product. Watch the program - it's creepy.

I hear more and more stories about getting Facebook ads when you've been talking on the phone about a similar product. My husband was talking to him mom about her RA meds...and he started getting ads!

I'm on a few groups (gardening, color theory, cooking, tutoring, etc.) - the more groups that decide to move, the more I can use Facebook for personal contact and use MeWe for the groups.

I am tired of being the product.

Why I'm weaning myself off Facebook in favor of MeWe
MeWe header pic

2. I do follow a couple of religious pages on MeWe

that have been in "facebook jail" - not because they're inciting violence, but because of their religious beliefs about the LGBT agenda.

Christians are being censored by Left-leaning social media, and we will see platforms like MeWe being used those Christians. This is not necessarily political, but about.religious beliefs that are being silenced by political agendas.

It's okay to go where you're wanted.

3. There's something just a bit cool about being on MeWe...the "next new thing"

I started a local group that mirrors a Facebook group (and hopefully a bit less nutty on the moderation side of things)

I follow groups on MeWe that mirror my current groups on Facebook and when they get more active, I'll drop the facebook groups.

So...reason #3 - MeWe is new and shiny!

I will stay on both platforms

Moving forward, both platforms will have their uses. I am not going to be censored, because I don't post that much controversial stuff. If I head in that direction I'll move more toward MeWe.

I might post links to MeWe, in order to save them, but I do that here on lunes linkage.

So I'm not leaving Facebook because of their left-leaning intolerance of diverse opinions. I'm not leaving Facebook at all - but I do see where MeWe will have advantages over Facebook and I'll be using both, depending on *my* agenda.