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In no discernible order:

  • for Godly leaders in my life
  • for God's hand on the leaders of the world, godly and ungodly
  • for my family; whether they be by blood, by marriage, by Christ or by love
  • for my home, cozy and warm
  • for the smell of the turkey (those who are familiar with anosmia know the significance of my ability to detect a faint whiff of turkey)
  • for the continued relative health of my parents
  • for the work God continues to do in my life
  • for the family Christmas, coming up just next week, with my parents here!
  • for life, liberty and freedom
  • for the work of Christ on the cross, the sovereignty of God, for salvation for those who believe
  • for my children; those living and those waiting for me
  • for my job and my ability to help
  • for my health
  • for my love