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Things go in cycles and there is a lot of buzz about "porn" right now.

On this blog, I'm going to change the term.  No longer will "it" be called "porn" - I'm going to start using the term:

"sexually explicit material"

How many people really watch soaps for the plot?

How many women really like trashy novels for the accurate history and realistic view of life?

There is a HUGE double standard.  When women use sexually explicit material, it can be okay because...well, it's not "porn" and women are...different.

Sorry, but let's just be real.

Men are visual, women are less so.  Some research seems to say that we're just wired that way.

If men are thinking about what they're seeing and women are thinking about what there thinking and either way, they're getting physical OR mental sexual stimulation from what they are looking at OR reading, the end result is the same.

People are going somewhere other than their spouse for two-dimensional (whether it's computer screen, TV screen, magazine or book) sexual thought patterns.