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I'm on my way out the door for my Tour de Cure ride.

There have been thunderstorms all night, although it's not raining right now.  In Middleville (where I"m going) there's a 50% chance of thunderstorms during the ride.

It's an hour away from here and I'm stopping for Biggby (quad mocha and chocolate chip scone).  I'm not sure if they'll call the event for weather or not - I hope not, but if weather threatens I don't have weather gear.

  • iPod (for the drive
  • sunglasses
  • tire pump
  • extra tube
  • shot bloks
  • GPS (for the drive)
  • water bottles
  • bike shoes and socks
  • I'm wearing my glasses for the drive so I have my contact case in my bike bag
  • inhaler and epi-pen (I always have one in my "trunk bag")

and away I go