Home school is stressful!

Mom is making this really hard and it not all that its a challenge ... its kinda boring ... kinda really boring ... and yesterday was busy for me ... i woke up late, went out running, ate lunch,got ready for work, got my stuff for class together and i left and wasnt back till after 9. so i had to make up all of my work for yesterday today and now i have to do todays work and its alot of reading that i have to do and i have a headache and the asprin didnt help so that not going to be fun, mom said we would try and make this more fun but government isnt interesting and she wants me to pick a government topic to write abuot ... theres nothing interesting! and now i want to go out but im grounded just because i didnt have my cell phone turned on so im not gonna see any friends and we're about to leave for the weekend ... so today is not a good day ... grrrrrrrrrrrrr and im going to miss church again ... im excited to quit my job so that i wont miss church but its going to end up being a long time before i get to see christina again .... because my job is stupid ... i got a new one but mom doesnt want me to resign from claire's yet and i really really really dont like that store or my manager ... and i really really dont like missing church almost every single week ...

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