Daily Archives: January 3, 2006

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I'm reading in Genesis (so far, so good on the Bible reading).

Sunday's sermon in church was on the recounting in Luke of the sinful woman with the alabaster box of perfume. There are those who reside in the "I've lived a better life than you" club. And there are those who have been forgiven much.

Every time I read Genesis verse by verse I'm reminded of the sinful humanity that God used in the Old Testament. It was this really human line that brought Christ into the world. God could have used really good people - there are a few of them in the Bible.

But even these really good people - lots of times their kids didn't turn out so hot.

All in all, God used people that would contrast His goodness, holiness and holiness with our sin.

I'm glad. Perfection is a goal I don't meet.