My doctor appt. up - a hysteroscopy. Not fun. In July I had a sonic histogram. Also not fun.

(read on if you're not afraid of TMI)

I have a fibroid, and a "something" (I had a biopsy, it is NOT cancer), most likely a polyp.

After the next test, my options will be

  • hysterectomy (last on my list)
  • endometrial oblation
  • assorted hormonal birth control methods
  • live with the symptoms.
  • pregnancy (chances, of this without massive medical intervention, none)

What is going on is nothing life threatening, but at times very annoying and inconvenient.

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2 thoughts on “My doctor appt.

  1. I hate to be all Brave New World here, but I had a hysterectomy to end some Very Nasty Girly Problems, and it was life-changing in a very positive way. But then, I was absolutely certain that I was 100% done having children. (My MIL had an endometrial ablation at the same time for a similar issue; her recovery time was a bit shorter, but her problems were only decreased and not eliminated.)

    Plus if you have major surgery, people bring you meals and your family is duty-bound to wait on you hand and foot. So there IS that. 😉

  2. I know - my sister is glad she had hers. But she's on more meds, I think since then and there is hormonal protection for bones, joints, etc. that I don't want to lose. That is the big consideration.

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