Latest Book Acquisition…yet another parallel Bible…

Even though I'm told I didn't need another, this one is okay.

It's NVI/NIV (Nueva Version Internacional / New International Version) Biblia Bilingüe / Bilingual Bible

I WILL...get Spanish...eventually...

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4 thoughts on “Latest Book Acquisition…yet another parallel Bible…

  1. Oh you are such a trooper! I have friends who are from Mexico and, of course, speak beautiful Spanish. I STILL can't get it, even when they patiently pronounce the same words for me over and over and over and over. I'm pathetic.

  2. Want to know something funny, Ellen? I believe the current Spanish translation of the Latin vulgate is more authentic than the English (which in the effort to avoid flowery speech that isn't usually used in America, they somewhat "sanitized" the translation which made it... well, antiseptic."

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