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First off: happy birthday to me!


From Denny Burk:

6. If you have NOT pastored, then please just answer this question the best you can. What practical difference does this “Comp. vs. Ega.” thing make to a church member?

It makes all the difference in the world. When Jesus calls people to be His disciples, He’s not calling them as androgynous creatures. He calls them as male and female. A man’s role as a Christian husband is different than a woman’s role as a believing wife (Ephesians 5:21-33). A Christian husband will lead his family as Christ leads and “heads” His church, or else the husband is a disobedient disciple. A Christian wife will follow her husband’s leadership as the church follows Christ’s, or else she is a disobedient disciple. These two biblical principles alone have massive practical implications for the ordering of family life, for the raising of children, and for the continued health of marriages. Within the church, Complementarianism has enormous practical implications.


People who have lived in three different centuries: (HT Dark Roasted Blend)

One man in this series of photos is a:

110 year 320 day-old American man of Native American, African American and Swedish descent — the 44th oldest living person in the world.

His father stood on the platform next to President Abraham Lincoln as Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. His father was the illegitimate son of Lincoln's Vice-President, Andrew Johnson, who became President after Lincoln's assassination.


This is weird.  An "invisible" octopus that seems to appear out of nowhere...this earth that God created is amazing!


More amazing creation...from the Hubble site.