Daily Archives: May 8, 2008

I am (constantly it seems) reorganizing categories, or posts into categories.

Anyway, I ran into a couple of posts on polygamy (and there might be more, but I'm starting early and working this way).

At first, it was in the "religion - not Christianity" category, but I'm not all that sure that it's strictly a religious issue, since there are cultures that practice polygamy that have nothing to do with religious reasons.

So I put it in the "politics" category - I have a feeling that we'll be seeing more of the issue and it's not going to be a religious issue (although religious groups will be driving the question). No, it will be a political hot-potato.

From Marc Ambinder:

1. Florida and Michigan. Clinton, not Obama, is identified with the cause of seating those delegations. Since FL and MI won't decide the nomination now, Clinton has every reason to push for a negotiated settlement. It way well be that Clinton refuses to officially drop out until she is satisfied that the voices of Florida and Michigan are heard.

Here's the thing: Michigan and Florida spoke loud and clear, it's just that Clinton doesn't want to listen.

Here is what the voices said:

  • We know the rules
  • we don't care.
  • we've been told the consequences of breaking the rules
  • we don't care.
  • we know that our delegates won't count if we move up the primary
  • we don't care.

Let us not whine at the consequences when we discover the parties were serious about the rules.