Sounds like (NOT) Complementarianism

The Afghan lawyer defending a journalist on death row in Kabul has been bombarded with death threats urging him to drop the case.

Islamic extremists repeatedly threatened to murder Afzal Nooristani after he agreed to defend Sayed Pervez Kambaksh in his high-profile appeal.

The 23-year-old student writer was sentenced to death for circulating an article about women's rights. He was tried in a closed court, and denied a defence lawyer. His case has sparked worldwide protests. (emphasis mine)

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One thought on “Sounds like (NOT) Complementarianism

  1. tiro

    Horrible story. 🙁 But just some of the usual misogynistic treatment of women in so many countries that believe in male supremacy.... kill anyone who defends women's rights. That is the way they've done it for centuries.

    Brave young man. I do hope that they can get him out of there alive.

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