Gender Test Alert!

From Glenn Sacks

Here's a test.

Listen to the facts of this case.  Randy and Melissa Pratt of Pennsylvania had about $1,700 in their bank account.  One day they woke up and there was $170,000 in the same account - bank error in their favor.  So they did what any reasonable couple would do - took the money and went to Florida.  (If you said that they're incredibly stupid, you get extra credit.)  Randy said he considered the money a gift from God.

So pretty soon the law catches up with them and arrests them.  One of them remains in jail subject to $100,000 bail; the other was released from jail with no bail.

Here's your test question:  which one got the $100,000 bail and which got out of jail free?

Here's the story (MSNBC, 1/22/09).

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4 thoughts on “Gender Test Alert!

  1. The answer is pretty obvious.

    I could see him being ignored by the bank because banks don't make mistakes. Once, I had trouble returning extra cash from a branch's ATM. It all seemed so unlikely to the bank staff.

    And when I was working, my employer (AT&T) electronically deposited too much money into my bank account once. I can't remember why. I called them about it, and they knew. I offered to write them a check in the amount of the overage, but they said they would just take it out electronically themselves. They did. That ability made me a little nervous, in principle at least.

  2. That is not a gender test, nor does it show undue preference to women. We do not know the particulars of the story. If they had both plotted together, they would have both been in jail. She may yet be charged as an accessory.

    Stupid thing to do. 🙁

  3. You should know that Glenn Sacks is a known masculinist and misogynist. Many years ago he authored a truly perverse and disgusting book against women. I don't think you can find it online anymore.

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