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.From Dr. Helen:

The original article has some interesting theories on monogamy (or not) that I'm not sure I agree with.

What I do agree with is the way that men (as opposed to women) are portrayed in media, sitcoms, television and the way that they are increasing treated in the court system treats both genders unfairly by robbing them of choices that should be theirs to make.

re:  Tiger Woods and everything surrounding that mess



  • we have ONE man who has slept with women other than his wife.
  • we have FOUR women who have slept with a man who is married, and who is not their husband.

Everybody get ready for the roll of the eyes and collectively say, "men are such pigs".

80% of the people fooling around here are women.


  • a woman gets caught cheating and her husbands whacks her one.  Society (as a whole) tells us "there is never an excuse for violence"
  • a man gets caught cheating and his wife whacks him one.  Society (as a whole) rolls its collective eyes and says, "duh.  He deserved it."


From Glenn Sacks

Here's a test.

Listen to the facts of this case.  Randy and Melissa Pratt of Pennsylvania had about $1,700 in their bank account.  One day they woke up and there was $170,000 in the same account - bank error in their favor.  So they did what any reasonable couple would do - took the money and went to Florida.  (If you said that they're incredibly stupid, you get extra credit.)  Randy said he considered the money a gift from God.

So pretty soon the law catches up with them and arrests them.  One of them remains in jail subject to $100,000 bail; the other was released from jail with no bail.

Here's your test question:  which one got the $100,000 bail and which got out of jail free?

Here's the story (MSNBC, 1/22/09).


"A Modest Proposal" at Christianity Today.

A couple of thoughts from the article...

egalitarians and complementarians can work together to oppose abortion on demand, an issue on which egalitarians stand together with complementarians against mainstream feminism

I don't know what rock he's been under...It took me about a minute to find the "Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice".

  • United Methodist Church (UMC website officially lists RCRC as an abortion resource.)
  • The Episcopal Church ("General Convention resolutions have expressed unequivocal opposition to any legislation abridging a woman’s right to make an informed decision about the termination of pregnancy)
  • Presbyterian Church (USA) (also lists RCRC as a ministry resource)
  • United Church of Christ (A founding member of RCRC)

What do these churches also have in common?  They are also egalitarian.

There are no complementarian denominations that show up on the members list of the RCRC.

So the author of the article should have said "complementarians and some some/many egalitarians..."


...egalitarians and complementarians can agree that homosexual activity is not a God-ordained lifestyle that should be approved within the Christian community...

Again, the word "some" (some/many) should appear before "egalitarian"...

which brings me to the next link:



"O god of our many understandings..."

Opening inaugural prayer by (gay)(egalitarian)(bishop of the Episcopal Church) Gene Robinson.

Somehow I doubt that Robinson would like to unite with complementarians in defense of life and traditional marriage



Underwater:  possible "stonehenge" in Michigan?



From Huffington Post: Was "Jack the Ripper a Woman?"



The desecration of the American Flag

(HT:  Michele Malkin)




On Complegalitarian, Don Johnson tells us how a complementarian can be a poor witness based on how they react when a woman teaches.  A complementarian is not to question, not to raise a fuss, they should either not attend if they know ahead of time or slip out quietly if caught by surprise.

How to turn this table?

If a woman is in a complementarian church and suddenly believes that she is to be in leadership over men, should teach authoritatively in the assembly - against the leadership of that church.

Should she stay and try to convince that church that she is right and they should put her in leadership, should she speak within that church against the leadership of that church and what they believe or should she leave quietly and go to a church who would put her in leadership?

I have asked that question before and an egalitarian answered that of course, she should stand her ground and fight the leadership.

But, he said, because of Clinton's campaign, "My daughters and all your daughters will know there's no barrier to who they are. ... They will take for granted women can do anything that the boys can do, and do it better, and do it in heels. I still don't know how she does it in heels." SacBee.com

Did you catch that?

Girls will take it for granted that they can do anything that the boys can do, and do it better.  Hardly the words of "equality".

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(something to the effect of):  but if the head of the wife is the husband, then how can Christ be her head?  She'll have two bosses?!?!?  How can this be?

Who do you work for?

- My lead teacher is Terri

No...who do you work for?

- The principal of my school is Karen

NO!  Who do you work for?

- My school is overseen by the intermediate school district.





Who is your head at church?

- my group leader is Laura.

No, who is your head at church?

- my pastor is Ken.

No, who is your head at church?

- the board consists of...


- Christ.



Point being that having a group leader does not keep Christ from being "head", any more than having a lead teacher prevent GRPS from being my employer.

At the same time, my principal is an authority figure - with real authority - who also works for GRPS.


Likewise, complementarians teach that the husband is the head of the wife; a wife is to submit to her husband as the church submits to Christ.

The husband is an authority figure - but they both "work" for Christ.

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