A “Get Stuff Done” day…

which doesn't look like those sorts of days that belong to most people.

I can live by my kitchen timer (which has 3 timers - set for 10, 20 and 30 mintues).  Today I have to do reading for my classes, I want to read the book of Galations (format it into a Word document to take notes on) and then listen to White Horse Inn (Galations part 2).

I'm spinning again and Saturday is the day that I either ply or skein yarn so I'm going to do that.  It's a mindless job so I listen to podcasts while I do that.  Expect photos.


  • I need to do a little grocery shopping (yogurt, milk, cocoa powder, fresh produce) - I'm trying gluten free so that adds a different twist.  Add hair color to the shopping list. TAKE BACK EMPTIES
  • I need to stop by home depot and get PVC pipe.  I make my own bobbins for putting spun thread on before I ply it into yarn and I want a longer one to put plied yarn on before I skein it.   I also want to make a 2-yarn "niddy-noddy".  Supplies needed are 1-1/2" PVC, 2 "T" connectors and 4 end caps.
  • pick up a prescription (need to order it now)

Lots of laundry - digging through closets and sorting "give away", "throw away", "put away".

Packing books and "stuff", sorting craft notions.

Make coffee for next week (involves a coffee press)

Update craft blog -a list of what I need to buy or make (love that PVC pipe)

How's that working for me?

  1. 20 minutes of plying singles into yarn (several dozen yards of 3-ply)
  2. 1 load of laundry out of the dryer (oh...ate breakfast)
  3. 20 minutes laundry (give away, put away, throw away) sort and fold
  4. 20 minutes of I.E. while formatting Galations and catching up on coffee
  5. 30 minutes reading (Darwin's God; Evolution and the Problem of Evil)
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