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This was on the back of a magazine a few years ago and a friend made a file of it and saved it. I want to keep it handy.


August 20, 2027

Dear Mom,

I'm not sure how to tell you this, but Jenny is becoming such a burden on our family here. Ever since her addition to the family in '24, she has been nothing but problems for us: finding a school, daycare, and even clothing have cost us money. After four years, her brother still isn't getting used to sharing his room with her, being as she's so curious about everything and goes through his things. She's so cute and she is showing signs of real intelligence.

We've discussed the problem with our pastor, and he said that sometimes, difficult decisions have to be made. We decided to seek the help of the state Family Planning and Assistance Center and we think we've come up with the best solution. Jeff is only a few years older than she is, so I don't think he'll understand where she went or remember her for long. We plan on telling her friends that she moved. We made the appointment as soon as they could get us a spot, they're so busy. Jenny has no idea of what it is, she thinks she's going for her vaccinations so she can start school with her friends next month. I'm not concerned since the shot is relatively painless and the whole termination process takes only five minutes, she won't feel a thing.

Mom, I don' t want you to think that we don't love her, we do, but it's just not fair to continue to keep her in a world where she's unwanted. A world of wanted children would be a better place, don't you think? Please, don't give us any of that "right-to-life" grief that grandma gave you about abortions, you know I don't believe in that garbage. I believe no one has the right to control how or when I choose to raise my family. At least they've barred those religious bigots from preaching that Jesus stuff at the centers. Well, anyway, I guess it's good that you and Dad never really spent much time with her, or it might make you feel different. Love to Dad. Let us know if you want some of her ashes.



P.S. I just found out that the IdentiChip we had to have put in her hand is returnable, so you and Dad can get your loan back.