Daily Archives: February 29, 2012

A couple of years ago I started reading through the Bible "in a year" - I'm more than halfway through!  I get off on tangents, buy and read related books, etc.

I've learned that getting through the Book is not as important as getting INTO the Book.

Anyway...a few months ago I discovered cozi.  It's an app that keeps an entire family up to date.  I use the free version (I get ads.)  But one email address and one password lets the whole family use the program.  I can use the PC to add to a list, I can use an iPhone or iPad, so can Tom.  Tom can add to the grocery list while I'm on my way to the store and his list will be there.  The advantage is that if it's not on the list, he can't complain if I don't buy it.

See?  a tangent.

I use cozi for my Scripture reading list.  You can make as many "to do" lists as you want and I have one for my Scripture reading list.  As I read a passage, I check it off.  Every month or so I add about 30 from my page, and delete the ones I've read.  My list is with me all the time, and I have my Bible app, so it is also.

Cozi has made it very easy for me to keep track of my reading schedule and every bit of paper I don't need to carry around is a good thing.