I Went to a New Church Today

If this is my third life, let me start here.

I've been attending a Lutheran church, which is where I needed to be.  Fed by the liturgy, I got the gospel every week.

But, in that liturgy, was only old songs.  This church brought new songs to me.

The sermon was drenched in the Gospel.  The Spirit was there.

It was good.


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One thought on “I Went to a New Church Today

  1. Moonshadow

    There's one of these by me, called "217Church." Meets in a movie theater on Sunday morning. Emphasis on service, sacrificial service. Church plants depend on service. Must preach service. I follow their progress very loosely, mostly on Facebook, sometimes on the pastor's blog.

    I would like to sing the old songs. Really would. Happy Easter

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