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Fine then. "double imputation:" check

But while we are not personally guilty of Adam's sin, we are, nevertheless, liable to punishment for it. "The guilt of Adam's public sin," says Dr. A. A. Hodge, "is by a judicial act of God immediately charged to the account of each and every one of his descendants from the moment he begins to exist, and antecedently to any act of his own. Hence all men come into existence deprived of all those influences of the Holy Spirit upon which their moral and spiritual life depends . . .. and with an antecedent prevailing tendency in their natures to sin; which tendency in them is itself of the nature of sin, and worthy of punishment. Human nature since the fall retains its constitutional faculties of reason, conscience and free agency, and hence man continues to be a responsible moral agent.

Reformed Doctrine of Predestination
by Loraine Boettner

I have long considered "imputation of Adam's sin" one of those points of "I don't think I quite buy that piece" of Reformed theology. Frankly, I have enough sin of my own to take responsibility for; I don't need Adam's also.

But...reading the paragraph above, maybe I can buy into the way Hodge describes it.

Because Adam sinned, I stand condemned. Not because I am guilty of Adam's sin...but because Adam's sin also made me a sinner.

From the moment I was "human" I was living under the curse of Adam and Eve.

Because Adam sinned, I was born cursed.