What I’m Reading: Things We Couldn’t Say

Things We Couldn't Say

"Things We Couldn't Say" is the true story of Diet Eman and Hein Sietsma (her fiance) told through their journals leading up to, and through, the German occupation of Holland.

I'm part way through, but so far it's been a good read.

What I find interesting is the responses of the two people, one man and one woman, to different situations. They were separated when the queen took the entire government and escaped to England - his response was anger at the "desertion" and hers was despair at the "abandonment".

Her journal tells of her fear at the though to Hein being caught while in hiding from the Germans, and the caution that she had to take while moving him from home to home without being discovered.

His journal tells of his fear for her and his anger at not being able to protect her.

I'm getting value from the book and it's another story of Christians helping Jews escape persecution that we all should remember.

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