Head Covering Church Question

I'm noodling on this here, before I ask at the Head Covering Community Facebook group, since I'm not sure how to word the whole thing.

Phil and I had the privilege of visiting Heritage Reformed Congregation on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. We had Christmas Even lunch with Dr. and Mrs. Joel Beeke and their son and his family.

HRC is a church that teaches and practices head coverings for women, and I happily wore covers to both services. I was the only woman wearing a "veil" style cover, all the women of the congregation were wearing hats. When I started covering (a year ago last August) Phil asked that I not wear a "fashion accessory". If I'm going go wear a head covering, make it obvious that's what it is. So I purchase primarily from Garlands of Grace and seldom wear hats as a cover.

Here are my questions

Why do the women in this head covering church wear hats? Is it because they don't have a point to make?

Are women in a church that does not teach or practice head coverings for women more likely to choose styles that are obviously religious symbols of submission, and not fashion accessories?

"Because of the angels" (1 Corinthians 11:10) - do angels know (or care) if the cover is a hat, a headband, a head wrap, or a Orthodox-style veil?

When I put on my head covering for each service I attend, I do it mindfully - does the type of cover have an impact on that thought process? I mean, I put on a hat to work in the yard or to go hiking.

To put on an obvious head covering is very centering...I feel "done" and complete.

I guess...I'm all in. And happy.

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