Head Covering Sermons by Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett...Head Coverings...1 Corinthians #35 (1/20/1991) - this sermon (Sunday school class) starts the series with Barrett answering questions that the congregation has handed in. One that stuck out at me was "when do we start our children covering and uncovering). The answer was (paraphrased) - as early as we start teaching them how we should be worshiping God.

Michael Barrett...Head Coverings...1 Corinthians #36 (1/27/1991)

Barrett, Michael...Head Coverings #1 (2/5/1996) .

Barrett, Michael...Head coverings 2,3 (3/3/1996)..

Barrett, Michael...Head Coverings #4 (3/10/1996)

Michael Barrett...Head Coverings for Public Worship: Custom or Command? - (2/9/2014)

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