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GOAL:  Be in the best health I can be


  1. remember to get my paps and mammogram
  2. remember to get my blood work done
  3. put the date on my planner to change my contact lenses before they start to hurt
  4. find a new GP
  5. drink grape juice or red wine every day
  6. drink green tea every day


  1. do the rest of the goals and objectives (monitoring and update objectives as we go
  2. walk 2,000,000 millions steps (okay, I'll count what the pedometer counts when I pedal the bike as well.
  3. go backpacking two times


  1. put in my google calendar to use moisturizer during the day
  2. take care of my feet (moisture and pedicure)


  1. Get a perm 3 times a year instead of twice
  2. find a gentle, nice color and remember to do it